Private Lenders

So you have heard about the steady market of real estate investing and great returns.  You have done your research and want to be involved.  Everyone at some time has watched a “flipping” show or heard radio ads giving away “free” tickets to learn how to make tons of money in the real estate market.  It should be common logic to think there must be a catch because it sounds too easy.  The big issue most overlook is: the work.  The main concern you have is that you don’t know how to invest without becoming a long term home owner. Or you don’t know how to repair the property to assure the most gain on the sale. How about all the real estate sales knowledge needed to assure a proper legal purchase/sale of the property. REI is a serious business with serious results if not worked with respects to the industry.

Real estate investing like most markets has different levels of involvement which each level has its own group of specialists. One group is labeled as a hard money investor. This is where a person or group funds the purchase and rehab of a property, in either part or full. The work is lined out by a contractor for the property. There are several levels of property conditioning for levels of sales conditions. Some may be selling the property as is, others may be fully remodeled.

private real estate investors

Investing in real estate as a private lender is an excellent way to earn a great return on your money without the hassles of property management. Silverado Services Inc. works with private lenders to purchase real estate in Texas. The private lender’s investment is secured by the property with loan to values of 75% or lower add extra security on the investment.

When we get a property that we need financed we will submit to you an Executive Summary which includes: property details, pictures, financials, description of repairs, sale & rent comparable market analysis, and our exit strategies. If after your due diligence you approve the loan we will have an attorney draft all necessary documents for closing which will be held at a local reputable title company.

Types of Loans
Typically the properties that we buy are single-family houses that need repairs or updating. Most loans we seek are short-term (6 to 12 months). Occasionally we may need transnational funding (48 hours or less) or long term funding (12+ months).

Invest Using Your IRA
Did you know that you can invest in real estate as a private lender using your IRA? Not only is it an excellent way to diversify your portfolio from traditional investments (mutual funds, stocks, and bonds), it can accelerate the growth of your retirement plan! Ask us how you can loan using your IRA.

Want To Know More?
If you’d like more information about being a private lender, please fill out our contact form to the right. We will be happy to discuss how the process works and answer any questions you may have. The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared.